Learning about forests

What we do

We help teachers and kids learn about nature, in nature, and for nature.

Our vision is that more children learn in the outdoors, in their natural surroundings, through direct observation and hands-on experience. Therefore, we support teachers in learning about nature in nature.

How we do it

Monthly newsletter with inspiration from schools

Seasonal webinars and live outdoor courses

Help schools to make their school ground greener by setting up pocket-sized school forests.

What´s the plan?

In our new project we´re developing a NEW NATURE EDUCATION TEXTBOOK, which will be based on several key principles:

  • Learning about nature, in nature, and for nature (place-based approach)
  • Climate education as an essential element
  • Inquiry-based learning
  • Big ideas of science

The aim is to not only enhance the KNOWLEDGE about nature, but also to enable the feeling of AWE and RESPECT to the planet.

Does it feel like we should connect?

We´ll be happy to get in touch: https://www.lesveskole.cz/o-nas/ 

An international forest education program is already taking place in 28 countries around the world. 

Having supported more than 400 schools in the last 20 years, Learning About Forests is one of our largests educational programs in the Czech Republic.

The project was supported by the State Environmental Fund of the Czech Republic.

Support us:

Your financial support children understand and protect nature.

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e-mail: lesveskole@terezanet.cz

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